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Nvidia Shield TV (2017)

    EDITOR RATING: EXCELLENT (4.0)  SPECS PROS Streaming game options work very well. 4K and HDR media support. Includes a media remote and a controller. Hands-free Google Assistant support will be added in the future. CONS Relatively expensive. Streaming games requires a very fast and reliable network connection. BOTTOM LINE The new Shield TV is basically the same Android TV media streamer-microconsole hybrid as the original, but with a few new tricks. More than a year of software enhancements from Nvidia don’t hurt either. WILL GREENWALD We were tepid on [...]


Amazon Echo (2017)

Pros Excellent value Easy to set up Expandable range of skills Clean audio and simple voice control Cons Similarly priced speakers offer better sound What is the Amazon Echo (2017)? After launching the first – and most successful – personal assistant smart speaker, a follow-up was always going to prove a tough job for Amazon. Yet, a lower price, neater look and smaller body are all a great start for the 2017 version of the Amazon Echo. The competition is tougher this time, though. The Google Home is [...]